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I did an experiment yesterday to show you how devastating downy mildew can be.
Look at these pictures:
Picture taken 19h30 yesterday
Here you can see an “oily” yellow patch on the top side of the leaf. This is the first signs of downy mildew.
Bottom of the leaf – if you look close enough you will see some white hairy fungus growth
I took the leaf and put it in a wet plastic bag, inflated the bag with hot hear and sealed it with a zip tie. This is the perfect conditions for downy mildew to develop – hot, humid conditions
I took the following pictures exactly 12 hours later:
Nevermind the withering of the leaf, although it’s obvious where it started, but take a look at all the fungus growth in just 12 hours! This disease can destroy your grape vine in 48 hours. Be on the look out for those oily yellow patches on the top side op the leaves – if you find them, be warned and take immediate action. Normally a contact/systematic pesticide will do the job, but prevention is better than cure – spray your vine upfront

Have a great, downy milew-free day :-)

I would like to hear what you have to say about downy mildew … leave a comment.


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