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In a previous post I asked what I can do to improve this blog, and quite a few of you asked if I can upload some pictures of subsribers’ vineyards.

I just received these ones from Scott and I must say: “This is IMPRESSIVE results!”

Scott, became a member of the Complete Grape Growing System in February this year, and followed the grape growing information from the system to achieve these results!

I must admit, I’m so proud of him!  LOL :-) 

Scott has done a great job and so can you.  These pictures proof that you CAN be a successful grape grower if you use the right techniques – I say no more … have a look and decide for yourself

Scott’s One Year Old Grape Vines

You too can achieve these results!

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Thanks Scott for sharing your pictures with us and again, congratulations on establishing such a fine looking vineyard.  Please keep us updated on your progress.

WOW, isn’t that a great looking vineyard?  I just wish I could see it in person – maybe one-day! :-)

Thanks for reading and enjoy your weekend.




Would you like to grow a vineyard like this?

I told you it can be done in one year, but you didn’t believe me! LOL  :-)

It’s time to get to work!


The Complete Grape Growing System is an online product and you will NOT receive a physical product.  All the information is available immediately for download, after you ordered the product. 

You will only be charged US$29 (or your own currency converted) once

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