Hello dear grape lovers.

Just a short update on the My-Grape-Vine website.

We are nearing a 1000 subscribers now! Amazing isn’t it!

As promised, I am working on making My-Grape-Vine, the ultimate grape growing website. I’ve added a support page, where you can quickly send any grape growing question to My-Grape-Vine.

The next thing I want to add is the Complete Grape Growing Forum – a forum where you can ask other subscribers (and myself off course) grape growing questions, post your stories and also post some pictures of your grape vine. I think this will be a hit among My-Grape-Viner’s, but still needs some fine tuning – will keep you posted.

By the end of this week, I will start a list cleanup process – we are currently experiencing quite a few bouncing emails due to invalid email addresses. There are several reasons for this, but the main reason is people giving fake email addresses of undeliverable email addresses and off course if someones email address have changed.

The whole idea is to clean up the list so only grape growers who really want to receive the second series of grape growing newsletters will be on the list.

As soon as the forum is online, I will send you guys and girls an email, although it will be after the list cleaning process.

Have a grape (great) weekend

“The Grape Guy”

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