Hi Grape Viners.

I would like to show you some pictures of grapes from a subscriber in Malaysia (tropics). Razak, is doing a fine job growing grapes there! Remember, there is no dormant season in Malaysia, so they have to “force” dormancy by removing leaves, stop fertilizing and watering the vine a month before their dry season and as soon as they are ready, they will “kickstart” the vine by start watering and feeding the vine again.
Growing grapes in the tropics is not easy, I promise you, so Razak is doing a fine job!
Well done my friend!!
Did you know it is actually possible to have to grape crops per season in the tropics!

Here is the email he send me:

“Dear Sir,

1. I would like the express my gratitude and thanks for
being able to get informations and guidance about
grape growing from your blogs.
2. Actually sir,I am from Malaysia, a peninsular
country between Thailand and Singapore. We are in
such a pure tropical atmopheric country and never have
been experiencing grape growing. It is just for the
fun in planting fruit trees in the garden that led me
read a lot of articles on viti culture.
3. After 3 years I began to see the bunch on my
vines. Yes those are my grapes but not as sweet as
what I use to buy at the supermarkets – the imported
4. You can see my vines which I grow on the belcony
of my small house with the backdrop of coconut and
banana trees. MY TROPICAL GRAPES.

Your articles have been most helpful.
Thank you sir.

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